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Leftovers is an online gaming community that facilitates communication and event-planning for players across, within and outside-of a variety of games. We provide tools and opportunities for new and veteran members to move between groups and games while maintaining a diverse and welcoming community environment.

  • February 13, 2014 Server Merger and a New Channel! Read about it here!
  • October 5, 2013 Welcome Constellation, the newest Alliance charter! Sign up for their raids here! »
  • September 5, 2013 Welcome to Redrose as the latest Tech Team Member!
  • August 17, 2013 Welcome to Sonete as the latest SWTOR Team Lead!

Raiding With Leftovers

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Loot Rules

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Upcoming Raids

Upcoming Raids LFM!
Instance Group Date & Time Raid Note
SoO10 Relentless 2: T-Rex Kwon Do-LOLCAT Today at 12:00 PM SIGN UP!
NON-LOP Dark Clan Warriors Today at 5:00 PM Dreadtooth, TFB & S&V FULL CLEAR And we'll see where time leaves us! SIGN UP!
TOR-DFn Infamous Today at 7:00 PM Team Aurek SIGN UP!
TOR-DFs Dark Clan Warriors Tomorrow at 5:00 PM DF and DP SM for quest and conquests SIGN UP!
NON-LOP Dark Hunters Tomorrow at 5:00 PM Prog 2 SIGN UP!
SoO10 Clothing Optional Tomorrow at 5:00 PM Continuation SIGN UP!
SoO10 Iridescent - LOLCAT Tomorrow at 7:00 PM SIGN UP!
SoO10 Relentless Tomorrow at 7:00 PM The group formerly known as Rackfu's SIGN UP!
SoO10 Relentless 2: T-Rex Kwon Do-LOLCAT Tomorrow at 7:00 PM G3 SIGN UP!
SoO10 Vanguard Monday September 22, 2014 at 8:20 PM Night 2 SIGN UP!

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Leftovers Statistics
This Week: 4 raids with 52 characters and 38 loot drops. We had 5 new raiders, of which 3 won loot on their first night!
Friday, September 19: 1 raids with 21 characters and 22 loot drops. We had 4 new raiders, of which 3 won loot.
Thursday, September 18: 0 raids with 0 characters and 0 loot drops.
Wednesday, September 17: 0 raids with 0 characters and 0 loot drops.